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Vastu Consultant in Guwahati

In simple words Vastu shastra is the “science of architecture”. It deals with the design of the building which will be constructed in a way that it will bring positive energies into our life. In ancient Indian system, it is stated that energy is associated with all things in the universe. Vastu shastra helps to channelize this energy into happiness, prosperity and protection. Basically, Vastu ideologies are combine with the element of nature and universe to balance with the human and material.

Scientific values of Vastu: Indian culture is well known across the world for its rich heritage. Over the time, people from their experience and knowledge, have accumulated facts. A lot of them comes from studying the nature itself. They already know about earth’s magnetic field, gravitational field, it’s position, wind’s velocity, rainfall etc. With all this knowledge applied while construction of house or building, people have tested these facts or principle. They made sure that constructed building is aligned to both scientific and spiritual values.

Best Vastu Consultant in Guwahati – DR. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY, is a famous personality, not only in his hometown Guwahati, but also in India. DR. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY is a Famous Vastu Consultant who has studied ancient Indian culture and gained his knowledge. Even his forefathers were quite popular in their hometown for their knowledge. Given this background, DR. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY himself has this science in his blood. He often provides efficient Vastu suggestion and remedies based on his analytical study of Vaastu science where you experience the cosmic energy and heavenly pleasure in your life.

Dr. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY is a Top Vastu consultant in Guwahati where many organizations invite him for seminars sharing his knowledge about Vastu science and remedial Vastu solutions. Not only this, he is Well-known Vastu consultant in Guwahati whom various developers/builder/individual unit holders consult for various vastu related solutions and guidance with the very first stage of planning.

Benefits of Vastu Principles – A properly designed beautiful, spacious, comfortable, hygienic home will surely give pleasure of living. People living in such houses will be happy and contended however home with improper design will make life uncomfortable. Happy minds are generally power hub who excels in every field while unhappy minds create uneasiness. A construction architecture according to Vastu astrology principles affects the individuals in various ways as in physical, psychological and spiritual. Physically vastu affects the lives of a person by enhancing good health, comfort, proper ventilation, more power & confident which ultimately brings harmony and fulfillment. Spiritually vastu helps to increase inner satisfaction and erase negative energy from an individual which helps in maintaining positive psychology. Indirectly it all attracts more money by providing financial benefits for business.

So, it is imperative to follow vastu shastra guidelines principle while constructing a house, shop or any other structure as it changes an individual’s destiny for betterment.

Few Vastu tips from DR. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY:

  • Main entrance should be north, east or north east.
  • East, north east part of a house if perfect for worshiping, yoga and meditation.
  • Bedroom should be in a south west direction inviting good health and prosperity. North east bedroom may cause health issues while south east direction may result in couple fights. Bed inside bedroom should be placed in south west corner with your leg facing east.
  • Beams and columns inside a house should be even.
  • Wash basin in Bathroom, kitchen and dining should be in the North or East.
  • Large windows should be north or east wall. This ensures maximum sunlight inside house.
  • Walls color should be light. However, roof color should be different.
  • West is the best direction for children bedroom. However north west is best for girls while north or east is best for boys.
  • Light pillar i.e. Deepstambha, fire pillar i.e. Agnikund and Homkund (Pit for sacred fire) should be in the south-east corner.

Last point but an important point, vastu is not same for everyone. It varies from person to person. This makes proficient vastu consultant an important pillar while designing house or building or any other construction. DR. KARTICK CHAKRABORTY is the best vastu consultant in Guwahati who is using his sound knowledge to benefit others, making their life happier than before.

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